How to Join GCSAR


Basic Information

A SAR mission in New Mexico is initiated by the New Mexico State Police. Grant County Search And Rescue is one of nearly 70 SAR groups throughout the State of New Mexico that may respond during a SAR mission. A Search and Rescue mission is an official New Mexico State Police action.

You are not required to have any special skills or knowledge to become a member of GCSAR. The only requirement is the willingness to train and prepare for a SAR mission.


You will be expected to act in a professional, honorable and courteous manner. You will be expected to obey all county, state and Federal laws, follow orders of the Incident Commander, incident command staff, team leaders and most importantly work safely together as a team. You will be expected to provide your own personal outdoor equipment and clothing. GCSAR does not have the financial resources to outfit team members with the equipment and clothing for the various types of missions and weather conditions.
The New Mexico Search and Rescue Council represents the SAR teams throughout New Mexico. On their web site ( ) is a great deal of information for SAR including the Field Certification Study Guide . This document covers information and procedures related to SAR and contains a list of recommended gear and equipment.

The use of alcohol and controlled substances, including prescription drugs that affect a person's ability to perform safely, are strictly prohibited before and during participation in all SAR activities.

Job Roles

There are many jobs and roles that are performed during missions.

Field Teams:
  * Ground Search (Ground Pounders)
  * Man Trackers
  * Horse Team
  * ATV & 4x4

Base Camp:
  * Planners
  * Field Operations
  * Logistics
  * Communications
  * General Mission Assistant

  * Call out personnel
  * Radio dispatch
  * Rehab Support


SAR missions occur throughout the year, at all hours of the day and night, and under extreme weather conditions. SAR missions are not limited to only the summer months, during a day with nice weather. So be prepared for extreme cold or heat and changing unpredictable weather conditions.

You must be in reasonably good health and physical condition, as you will be expected to participate in some rather strenuous activities such as: carrying heavy objects, basic mountaineering, hiking, etc. SAR missions are often long, tiring and sometimes stressful. Depending on the type of mission, ground teams may hike anywhere from 1 to 15 miles or more over rough terrain.

You may be exposed to some pretty stressful situations including deceased or seriously injured persons. Some subjects are missing and later die or become seriously injured because of an accident, an animal attack, hazards in the natural environment or because of personal health reasons.

Nobody knows the actual status of the subject until they are found, so be prepared. You should think seriously about all these possibilities as well as discussing them with persons who have been involved in these types of situations.


It is a very gratifying experience to be a part of the mission that brings a lost loved one back for a reunion with their family and friends.

A member of GCSAR typically joins because they like being active in the outdoors and want to offer their skills to help someone who is lost or hurt. The training and preparation for a SAR mission builds the members of GCSAR into a team. We do all this…..

                                                                              ”........that others may live”

Membership Requirements

GCSAR Application

There are membership requirements fo GCSAR. Below is a summary of these requirements

All team members pay annual dues.

An Active Member must participate in a minimum of 

* Attend at least half (1/2) of the team meetings yearly.

* Attend at least half (1/2) of all training sessions yearly. 

* Respond to a minimum of two (2) SAR missions yearly.

* Active members respond to missions and are deployed to the field or work at Incidetn Base.

An Associate Member 
* Pay annual dues

* Attend at least one meeting each quarter.

* May work in SAR Mission Support role. Refer to the mission support application for descriptions.

We ask that all prospective new members attend at least two team meetings prior to submitting an application. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month starting at 6:30PM. Meeting location is the Gila Regional EMS Building.

Options for filling out the application:

1.Click on the link and open the PDF Application in your broswer. After you have completed the form click on the "Submit by Email" button. This will start a new email and attach a XML file. After completing the email message, send the email.

2. Download the application to your computer. Right click on the the PDF title below and then "Save target as..". This will download the application to your computer. After you have completed the form click on the "Submit by Email" button. This will start a new email and attach a XML file. After completing the email message, send the email.

3. Print and complete the form. Mail to:

                Grant County Search and Rescue
                PO Box 1874
                Silver City, NM 88062-1874

Active Member Application
Associate Member Application